dotsrc relies on sponsors donating hardware, service agreements, licences, housing and a lot more, and without our sponsors we would not be able to deliver our services to the Open Source community.

Aalborg University

Aalborg University logo

The university is one of our oldest supports. Since the beginning they have been providing us housing for the servers and backup.

This is just a short list of things the university has provided:

  • Housing
  • Backup
  • A new news server
  • A new mirror server
  • Switches
  • Server rack
  • Cables, converters, all kinds of small indispensable things.
  • Generally being extremely nice people

Website: aau.dk

Danish e-Infrastructure Cooperation

Danish e-Infrastructure Cooperation logo

Originally the university paid for our bandwidth, but in the later years DeiC (the university’s ISP) has taken over. We have gone from having 33mbps to 20Gbps and from sharing a line with the university to having our own.

Website: deic.dk

Dansk Unix User Group

Dansk Unix User Group logo

In 2008 DKUUG sponsored a brand new storage server to help improve our mirror service. Again in 2017 DKUUG sponsored a big upgrade of our mirror server.

Website: dkuug.dk

BrightStar Systems

BrightStar logo

In 2021 BrightStar Systems sponsored 2 Intel X520-DA2.

Website: brightstarsystems.com


SoloKeys logo

In 2020 SoloKeys sponsored 4 Solo USB-C and 6 Solo USB-A.

Website: solokeys.com


Nitrokey logo

In 2020 Nitrokey sponsored 5 Nitrokey FIDO2.

Website: nitrokey.com


APC logo

When our old UPS failed in 2004, we asked APC to donate a new and larger UPS. APC did more than, not only did we get a very large and nice UPS with management interface, we also got some much needed hardware for managing our servers.

  • UPS + extra battery (APC Smart-UPS)
  • RackMount KVM switch
  • 1U RackMount TFT-screen terminal

Website: apc.com

Cabo Communications

Cabo Communications logo

Cabo Communications was kind enough to donate six 2 TB disks for our mirror server.

Cisco Danmark

Cisco Danmark logo

Sponsored two IP Services licenses for our 3750-X switches in April 2017.

De Telefoongids & Gouden Gids

De Telefoongids & Gouden Gids logo

De Telefoongids & Gouden Gids has sponsored us for equipment.


Xena logo

Xena - an online accounting company, has generously sponsored us equipment:

  • 4x4 TB Sata disks
  • Dell IP KVM unit (KVM2162DS)
  • 2x Dell R710
  • 6x Dell 2950

Epoka A/S

Epoka logo

The university has been given more than fair prices when buying equipment for dotsrc.org/sunsite.dk from the Epoka Group. Thank you.

Website: epoka.com


Heinex logo

Heinex gave us a very good deal on the new storage server, that enabled DKUUG to buy it for us.

Website: heinex.dk


Hitflip logo

Hitflip has sponsored disks for our new mirror storage server.

HP Danmark

HP Danmark logo

In 2004/2005 HP stepped in providing us with the hardware needed to increase the number of mirrors we provide and a server for running the future compile server. The same server will be the login for our hosted projects in the future.

  • A dual 1,3GHz Itanium2 server (HP Integrity rx2600-2) with 4GB RAM
  • 1TB of storage in raid-5 via a HP Smart Array controller

All hardware sponsored by HP is delivered with a 3-year next-day hardware support contract.

Website: hp.com


Netic logo

Netic pays the registration fee for all of our domain names.

Website: netic.dk

Prevas A/S

Prevas A/S logo

Prevas has sponsored us with two 4 TB HDD for our virtualisation servers.

Spar Nord

Spar Nord logo

Spar Nord Sponsored us a Sun rack with two Sun 280R and two StorEdge A1000.

Website: sparnord.dk

Terabit Systems

Terabit Systems logo

Terabit Systems, a specialized reseller of network hardware, has sponsored us with a Dell PowerEdge 2950 ( 2x Dual Core 3.2 GHz Xeon, 8 GiB RAM).

Website: terabitsystems.com


TopDir logo

TopDir a human edited directory, has sponsored us for equipment.



FOSDEM sponsored two HP CN1000E 10GbE network adapters in April 2017.

Website: fosdem.org


PROSA logo

Prosa sponsored six 8TB hard drives in December 2017.

Website: prosa.dk